MJG Energy Group along with RR Renewable Energy Consultants represents a Florida based company which manufactures waste to energy power plant units.  This low cost batch gasification system features no pre-sorting or pre-processing.  The MSW / garbage / waste (including scrap tires) go directly into the vessel.  After the 18 hour gasification process at low temperatures, 95% of the MSW is gone.  The remaining 5% of cans, bottles and metals are then recycled and the benign ash can be sold to a cement manufacturer.  100% gone!

The syngas is immediately used to generate electricity and /or thermal energy - steam, hot water, potable water / desalinization or reverse chillers for air conditioning.

This gasification process is environmentally friendly, meeting all EPA guidelines.  

Their current project will be located in Canada and will consist of 30 units of 5-20 TPD (Tons per Day).  The 30 communities in Manitoba waiting for these units will be used to dispose of their MSW (municipal solid waste) are facing a new law closing local landfills and requiring shipping MSW 200 miles to a central landfill.  These units will be built & sold directly to the municipalities rather than a build own operate model. 

In Mexico, where some municipalities are paying 21 cents per kWh for electricity, we have a preliminary purchase order for 4 sites totaling 1200 TPD with contracts for the WTE equipment worth $150 million with the site work, permitting, interconnection and MSW supply contracts to be handled by the local developers in that area.

​For more details on this project and the technology please contact us.



MJG ENERGY GROUP has signed a contract with a local real estate developer to have solar panels installed on top of roofs and carports in the Palm Springs, CA area.  

We are also exploring the option of working with the TESLA corporation to use these solar panels in conjunction with the TESLA Powerpack energy storage system for home use.